About Us


”You have the vision – we make the steel”

Our target is to become ”One of the most creative production deliverers of steel components in Denmark”. We will reach this target with our innovative and creative way of thinking and in combination with the best equipments.


For two generations BSM has worked as a specialist supplier developing and creating demanded steel components.

When the creator Boerge Soerensen founded Bjerringbro –Smed & Maskinfabrik, today known as BSM A/S, in 1985, a factory with an innovative work culture was started.

Since 1985 a generation change has become a reality, which makes Steen Soerenen (son of Boerge Soerensen) the business manager and the owner of BSM A/S.

Today we are specialized in different techniques which makes us have delivery in almost every step of the machining processes. That is the best way for us to make sure that our customers get their steel components in the possibly best quality.

We have started a department specialized in powder coating. In that way we can offer our customers powder coating of their products, thereby powder coating becoming a part of the integrated production process.

In 2005 BSM A/S made a resolution about outsource parts of the production to BS-Steel in Poland. This makes it possible for us to produce our products in the most competitive prices possible, but still with the same quality.

Up over the years BSM has evolved significantly, and according to this we have become a more high-tech steel producer, which constantly enhances ourselves with the best production equipment, which is available on the market. At the same time we will still try to keep our basic values, in the form of our creative way of thinking in every assignment.